Aug 28 2014

Your First Step Towards Canadian Work Visa


On April 23, 2014, the Canadian government announced that there will be a significant increase of the eligible occupations and the number of applications accepted for the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP) – established to offer a Canadian work visa (i.e., Permanent Resident Visa to Canada) to foreign nationals in various high-demand professional, managerial and technical occupations – effective May 1, …

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Aug 27 2014

URGENT: Oil and Gas Project vacancies


An oil and gas logistics company is in urgent need of the following 4 key personnel to run the Seamless Linepipes and Flexible Joints Procurement phase of Bonga Southwest/Aparo Project for Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) Ltd. All resumes must be submitted before 4pm today – 27th August 2014 to “”. Please, see …

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Aug 21 2014

PMtutor is Mobile Compatible


“Your eLearning school is not mobile compatible; I do all my work on tablet, how can I survive this?” A student brought this to my attention 2-months ago and I have since learnt that compatibility means the same website can run perfectly in more than one device, including computers, smartphones and tablets, without deformation. I am …

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Aug 18 2014

How Technology has Transformed My Business


I have been invited to discuss the above subject on air (99.3 FM Nigeria Info). This is definitely in my wheelhouse as majority of my business is run by technology. Now my challenge is focusing this discussion from Pareto’s standpoint to a limited time frame. My Project Management eLearning school (PMtutor) is a no-brainer asset …

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Aug 13 2014

Introducing Yellow Belt with 50% Shaving


Living in the information age comes with challenge of gleaning useful knowledge from the plethora of information that bombards us daily. Before information can be useful, it must be analyzed, interpreted and assimilated since information is random and miscellaneous and knowledge is orderly and cumulative1. Executives, who are interested in becoming indispensable at the workplace, …

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Aug 12 2014

What is a Dream Job?


Hardly do I come across an average career Nigerian, voice the phrase; “I love my job!” There is always a dream job somewhere, someplace. The funny part is that not every one can articulate their dream job hence making it an illusion. However, I have come to the conclusion that a dream job definition depends …

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Aug 06 2014

How Germany used 6Sigma to win the World Cup


Gone are the days when talent alone is vital to success (at least sustenance of it). Germany’s trashing of Brazil (7-1) did not come as a surprise to those who knew about Germany’s integration of Big Data into their soccer curriculum for continuous improvement hence the application of 6Sigma. – A continuous improvement method for …

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Aug 05 2014

FREE Project Risk Modeling and Analysis Workshop


“What can possibly go wrong in this project?” This is always the question in the mind of every smart Project Manager (PM) when handed the charter for kick off. The PM proceeds to planning hoping to uncover these risks as every project must come with it’s own share of uncertain events. It is one thing …

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Jul 27 2014

Practice What You Preach


I made the same recurring mistake I made 2 years ago concerning my daughter; kindly read the blog post entry: Last year, my daughter’s report card was brought to my table and I hurriedly perused it hoping to see a position. Alas! There was none. After a conscientious inquiry from the school, I was told she …

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Jul 23 2014

PMP and PRINCE2 Vacancies in Nigeria


There are 2 vacancies opened in a project environment – Associate Consultant (Salary range per month: N 225,000 – N 325,000 plus annual allowance worth N 1,200,000) and Project Analyst (Salary range per month: N 115,000 – N 185,000 plus annual allowance worth N 840,000). This is kind of urgent as both vacancies proposed start …

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Jul 21 2014

A False Positive Career


Hello Dipo, Top of the day to you. I hope you remember me; you guided me to my PMP exams about 5years ago and also gave me some materials on Scandinavian universities and how to access them. Please I need help, guide, support, assistance, mentorship, advice…. just name it. I am struggling with my career. …

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