Jul 23 2014

PMP and PRINCE2 Vacancies in Nigeria


There are 2 vacancies opened in a project environment – Associate Consultant (Salary range per month: N 225,000 – N 325,000 plus annual allowance worth N 1,200,000) and Project Analyst (Salary range per month: N 115,000 – N 185,000 plus annual allowance worth N 840,000). This is kind of urgent as both vacancies proposed start …

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Jul 21 2014

A False Positive Career


Hello Dipo, Top of the day to you. I hope you remember me; you guided me to my PMP exams about 5years ago and also gave me some materials on Scandinavian universities and how to access them. Please I need help, guide, support, assistance, mentorship, advice…. just name it. I am struggling with my career. …

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Jul 17 2014

How important is Certification to Career Development?


The “end justifies the means” paradigm can often be exploited by those who do not understand the true aim of the end. As long as one draws healthy breathe, there is truly is no end to career development. Certification in itself is not an end but a milestone to career development. In PMtutor, we see …

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Jul 14 2014

66.7% Off on Green Belt

ATA - Large Seal

For those who do not know, we have been accredited as the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) training provider and to celebrate this milestone, we will be given a 66.7% off the mark price on IASSC Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training to 4 favored individuals who understand what it takes to obtain …

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Jul 10 2014

How I used 10K to pass the PMP Exam proficiently


“Opolo eye no be open eye” – the lyrics from “Double Wahala” – a popular song that demystifies the idea that insight is not common. I was in Accra to facilitate a Green Belt Training engagement, when Amos called to tell me his story; “I passed the PMP exam with proficiency in all domain and …

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Jul 07 2014

Profiling a recent Black Belt


“How can I become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in 3-months?” This were amongst the specific questions that Mr. Sanmi Osundina asked me 3-months ago before he obtained the only third party international Lean Six Sigma certification in the world at first try – IASSC Certified Black Belt (ICBB) on the 85th percentile. My …

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Jun 23 2014

Access to PRINCE2 Practitioner


From July 1st 2014, Project Managers with some selected certification like CAPM or PMP will now have an unprecedented access to write the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification exam without going through the PRINCE2 Foundation. This is great news for those who want to have variant perspective to successful Project Management methodology – those with PMP credentials can …

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Jun 20 2014

How to Make Hard Choices


Ruth Chang’s TED talk clarifies one of the most important question that youths all over the world find difficult to come to terms with; here is a talk that will literarily change your life. Which career should I pursue? Should I get married to Shade or Mercy? Should I stay at my job or further …

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Jun 19 2014

5 Benefits of PayPal in Nigeria


Destructive innovation is the most feared competitive advantage in any industry and its introduction will always breed a new culture in any environment. Paypal is not new but it’s definitely new in the Nigerian blogosphere (at least in the legal sense). How will PayPal change the Internet culture and how will its economic benefit spiral …

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Jun 17 2014

Exploring Macros in Depth


Enhancing productivity and performance may seem obvious in theory but actual implementation requires careful replacing drudgery of repetitive command sequencing to automation, especially in data manipulation tasks using spreadsheet application brands like Excel 2013. Most executives use Excel tool to accomplish their daily task but most are not aware that they can save a lot …

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Jun 11 2014

How to earn PMI PDUs in Nigeria


PDUs are Professional Development Unit used as a metrics to maintain PMI credentials. 1 PDU is approximately 1 hour of Project Management engagement aligned with the Project Management Body of Knowledge, 5th Edition. A credential holder is expected to have a certain number of PDU per 3-year cycle. There are plenty opportunities to adhere towards …

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