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FREE REPORT: 7 Reasons Why Ladies Date the Wrong Guy

7 reasonsI read somewhere that it is easier to make money than make a difference; I witnessed this first hand when I had to choose between applying my limited resources to either making money or making a difference. After careful analysis, I chose the former (the keyword here is limited resources) but on hindsight, I realize that I could make a difference in someone’s life and in turn make money in the process. However, this would require a skill-set called patience (not a popular virtue I must admit).


I believe that everybody wants to make a difference in someone’s life but one way or the other; we concentrate on our survival rather than think of our neighbor in pain. Well, I guess we have to love ourselves first before entertaining a remote thought of our neighbor in need; the commandment was LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. There must definitely be a reference (which happens to be you) to use in loving a neighbor. I hope this last statement would not kick off a controversy.


Please, no controversy: let’s  just get to the crux of the topic; I realized that my earlier write-ups about personal relationships concerning male and female counterparts have drawn a lot of attention amongst the female readers: I get mails constantly seeking solutions to their relationship issues. There is one particular issue that made me realize the urgency in bringing out a report that would give directions to all these pent-up pain and distress especially when it comes to dating. Please, review the issue below:


Message: Sir, please I am a 27yr old female Christian sister. I am on the verge of calling off a 5months old relationship that means so much to me. I don’t know if I am on the right path. You see I got introduced to this guy by a mutual friend of ours. There were some physical things I didn’t like but he is such a genuine Christian and I focused on that. I have always wanted a good Christian but they seem so hard to find so when I saw this one; I was so happy but he doesn’t seem to care about me so much. He doesn’t make me feel important, can never use endearing words, hardly craves to see me though he calls me twice daily. But we live in the same town; he thinks we can do with calls most time. Whereas, the reverse is the case for me: When I offer to help him clean his house or cook his meals when he is at work, he turns down the offer. He feels I am infatuated and keeps saying he has only agape love for everyone including me but Eros he can only give to his wife. But how am I so sure he is capable of that at all or if he can ever be crazy about me. I just wonder if I wouldn’t forever beg him to show me love. but he is a good Christian but is that enough to get married to someone as he talked marriage from the onset. Shouldn’t people who are in love be crazy about each other? I have talked and talked and I am now tagged a nagger but I am frustrated sincerely I need a prayerful counsel please. God bless you


When I read it, I was first taken a back; I knew that whatever I counsel would make a difference in the life of this young lady (either positive or negative). I was not the Holy Spirit so I knew I could never really counsel her adequately but she saw me as a contact to resolving her issue. So instead of concocting an advice; I set up a meeting online to get more insight into the issue. I knew what the issue was but I knew the most effective way of resolving this issue is for her to discover the answer herself through the prompting of the Holy Spirit.


I asked for her address and couriered about five Christian films from my collections  that I believe would speak to her and help her understand what she was going through. The films were FIREPROOF, THE PERFECT STRANGER, ANOTHER PERFECT STRANGER, FACING THE GIANT, EVERY YOUNG WOMAN’s BATTLE. I knew she would be able to pick up the sensors of the Holy Spirit if she watched those moviz. I was glad I never intervened personally in the whole thingy because true to my beliefs, she called me three days later teaching me what the Holy Spirit taught her while watching the film.


I called her a month later and the testimony was reassuring. I knew God has used me to make a difference in her life. I started wondering if this is not what we are called as Christians to do. By taking time from our busy schedule to attend to a brother/sister in need is one of the things that make God happy. I am actually giving out a FREE REPORT that would make a difference in people’s life and I need your help to spread this report. It is one report that I believe would speak to you.


However, I guess I am a bit controversial, so you can read my earlier write-up first on relationships before opting-in for the this free report. kindly click HERE to read 7 Reasons Why Ladies Get Hurt in A Relationship.


It is a 25-page report that was researched and written by the POeT Solvers Team to make a difference in the lives of our sisters. In order to get this report, please send the italic mail below to me[at]dipotepede.org copying three (3) email addresses of your friends. We would send you the link to download this report. Please, choose the friends carefully: You are going to be making a difference in the person’s life by doing this. Remember, whatever you do for your fellow brethren, God would do for you.


Dear friend,

Dipo Tepede is giving out a 25-page FREE REPORT that I believe you should look into. The title of the report is: 7 Reasons Why Ladies Date the Wrong Guy: Taking your time to read it might be the answer to the issues you have been battling with. You may click the link below or copy the link and place in the address bar of your browser to get instructions on how to get it.


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  1. babafemi says:

    pls sir can u forward the article to me on my mail address which is suntun4real@yahoo.com and also your mail address where you can be reached

  2. Nkechi says:

    can u please send the free report to my email address ”Reasons Why Ladies Date the Wrong Guy ” nk4lyf@yahoo.com, so that i can get it on my system.


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    Sir, am a 500l student of Lagos State University………How can i apply for d CAPM?

  5. 1 lack of patience (2) lack of self control (3) cause they want to be like there friends. (4) through the parents pushing to make by force choice. (5) quick money without struggling. (6) frustration (7) lack of consulting God through prayers to give them the right person that is made for them.

  6. bukola says:

    would really love to have this films you recommended especially the perfect stranger, another stranger and the young woman battle.would really appreciate if i can get dem.

  7. efetie uzzy says:

    Hi, i just went 2ugh want u wrote nd find out dat its amazing keep on with d gud work nd God will strengthen u but pls i ve a message that i want 2 pass across 2 u in personal ow can i get in touch with u.

  8. ISABELLA says:

    what ever u want to do in ur relationship ask for d will of God

  9. chika ikeh says:

    pls i need ur advice on how ladies made a wrong choice.

  10. Princess Itohan says:

    Dear Dipo,

    God Bless and Continue to Enrich you and your team. I look forward to partaking at the CAPM programe God’s Grace in September or November.

    Please i beg you in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ ! to please send a copy of those movies you sent to the Lady to Me as i seem to need it now then any other thing in my Life. Cause i do need the direction of the Holy spirit in similar issue. I can’t discuss mine with any other to avoid sentiments and criticism.

    please i really do need this favour. my address is 28, Fola Osibo Lekki Phase 1, Lekki.

    you can add me on Facebook as have sent a friend request to you.



  11. bilikis mustapha says:

    i love dis …… its really interesting , nd helps to keep people in deir relationship. keep it up

  12. sulaiman oluwaseun says:

    i need a God fearing sis who could project into the future age 24-27.keep the good work

    1. Moi says:

      what kind of sis do u need.

  13. Dairo Paul says:

    Kindly furnish me with the address of places where I can purchase the five christian books you mentioned above, thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

  14. iwuoha constance says:

    in life as long as live will face different problem, all will need is the grace of god . life is self is a lesson will learned from people mistake.

  15. mary william says:

    well done dipos. i hope to lay my hand on Ur free report. if possible spk with u one on one. my heart is heavy.

  16. Khadijah says:

    having just checked out your website, feels good knowing you


  18. Olubume says:

    HI Dipo..and Jack,

    Wow your words really give me strength man and god bless jack .yes you are a beutiful man lets hope with gods strength and help we can make my love for another man not a sin anymore,…with your help dipo i really believe my village will accept my love for young boys,and jack if you are anywhere near lagos lets hook up ya get me we can make some beutifull music (with dipos words and inspiration in the back ground)..much love my man….keep it real


  19. Jack says:

    Hello Dipo,

    I get such pleasure reading the comments and thoughts of such a beautiful man such as yourself.. The more I read the more in love I fall with you.. You are trully a beautiful man.. I know my words will atrract criticism but from the way you speak I know you can find forgivness for a homosexual man such as myself.

    All my love

    Jack (I use a false name but email me back for my real name my man)

  20. Alaukwu Lucky says:

    Tanks for your good works, please help us do more, lets know our stand

  21. SMART NWAIWU says:


  22. Jessy says:

    on a second note: many ladies think that by cooking, washing or even ………the “other ” for a guy will make him think that u are the best lady for him, that is not true, Y should u do that for a man u are not yet sure of? those are the duties of a wife, but if u have chosen to do that for him, then it of no use asking u to marry him., and that is Y u will stay with a guy for years and he will not say that word “will u marry me” because u are already carrying out the functions of wife. he will think that this is how u do it with every man that comes your way that is men for u. so ladies u better “watch it”

  23. Jessy says:

    honestly speaking so many people are passing tru pains all in the name of christain marriage which is not suppose to be so. the women suffer most reason, they fear to be seperated especially when they already have a child in that marraig. or in a case were by your father or mother is a leader or an elder in the church, even if u complain they will prefer u die in it than be divorced and give them shame. so that is Y i have chosen to advise my self for am the only one who really know how i feel. if u listen to people, at night u can’t sleep while they are busy snoring in their own bed with their loved once.

  24. BLESSINS says:

    i will like to have more of this facts on my mail.

  25. ihuoma nwokoro says:

    i am having the same issue.

  26. quadri kayode says:

    cultural and environmental influence.

  27. Chimaobi kingsley okoye says:

    Good morning brother, thank you so much for your contributions towards empowering our generationn, God bless you real good, i am blessed via your articles sir, you are a germ sir, GOD BLESS YOU SIR.

  28. Diogba Dennis says:

    Most young ladies or girl rush into marriage and rush because they have not take their time to prayerfully ask God is this the right man for me? If the answer is YES ask God for the NEXT step. You don’t see a man and jump into conclusion that, that is the right man for me just because both of you attend the same church. It doesn’t work like that. This story is a regular occurrence among ladies. Why must you go and cook and to clean a mans house whom you’re yet to marry? You call that a christian courtship? In the process of you going to clean his house and cook for him you may end up having sex together and eventually get you pregnant. For your relationship with a man to work see what God says in Hebrew 13:4 Remember any pre-marital pregnance will not be wedded in the church of God
    Thank you

  29. Obagbenro Temitayo says:

    Dear friend,

    Dipo Tepede is giving out a 25-page FREE REPORT that I believe you should look into. The title of the report is: 7 Reasons Why Ladies Date the Wrong Guy: Taking your time to read it might be the answer to the issues you have been battling with. You may click the link below or copy the link and place in the address bar of your browser to get instructions on how to get it.

  30. Dipo Tepede says:

    @ Bose,

    Please, kindly use the contact forrn by clicking the link below:


  31. bose apata says:

    need ur help am abt choosing a life partner

  32. olafenwa titilayo yetunde says:

    pls i really need ur help too,cos the story i just red is talking to me too,cos i am in the same sheo with her.

  33. princesss says:

    how much is the one that has pipe

  34. shileola olatokunbo says:

    real word . hello canape i jut want to know why many relation shit are not going too long before it break…

  35. kate says:

    thanks 4 being a blessing to ur generation,am glad u had made a +ve impact.i chatted wit u on skype few months back,after which we never chat. the issue on dis topic is what every lady must know ,cos we have wolves in sheep clothings.pls send me the free report thur my mail,cos i want to know how to handle my relationships….


  36. Evans odera says:

    Ur guy’s should keep up by saving people’s life ie solving problem

  37. t.toyin says:

    i was blessed by this piece. pls i;d love to get more messages like this to guide us as christian sisters, so we can scale thru our relationships to the glory of God and make out blessed marrieges. thank you.

  38. uwem moffat says:

    hi dpo tepede, i want to know why men made mistake in their relationship.

  39. Akintoye says:

    Good one!
    Relationship issues could really get grievious amongst singles…
    Thanks for choosing to make a POSITIVE difference on this issue.
    God Bless…

  40. olukayode balogun says:

    nice one dipo, you are indeed making a great difference and great reward awaits you and your generation.